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Prometheus’ microhydro generators are focused on downsizing hydro generators to maximize its adaptability while undamaging its efficiency. These features open up new possibility of harvesting electricity at a source that was once believed to be inviable, with immense profitability.

Prometheus’ generators have the following specialty.

– The generator’s downsizing is at a level where it requires no civil works to install the product. This leads to great reduction in installation price, while making it a green technology.

– The lowering of installation price while keeping its efficiency leads to unseen generation cost. Average price per 1MWh is under 40USD for the product, which is the cheapest source of electricity available on the market.

– The generator can be connected serially from high to low, letting the lower generators produce electricity from the water that has been used for generating electricity at higher generators.

– Even with large streams, the product can be an economical option with multiple generators applied in parallel.