The start of economic renewable energy, Prometheus Inc.


Prometheus Inc. is a technology startup who manufactures small hydropower generators. Our innovative products feature top-of-the-class economics and adaptability. Prometheus Inc. opens up new possibility of harvesting electricity at a source that was once believed to be inviable.

Prometheus Inc. was established after the closing of 5-year appropriate-technology project at EWB KAIST, “Micro Hydro Power Generation using Small Streams of the Himalayas”, where the core members of the project gathered to extend the project to commercial enterprise.

Prometheus Inc., with its origins at nonprofit technology organization, regards cooperation and symbiosis with business sites as its core values, and aims to supply renewable energy at reasonable price for all countries.

Prometheus Inc. aims to offer fundamental solutions to environmental and energy problems in both developing and developed countries, with Prometheus Microhydro Powerplant.


Prometheus Inc. Management Team